20 Modern Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips To Look Like Her

dancer on stage - Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

Are you looking for iconic beauty secrets that have stood the test of time? Brigitte Bardot, the ultimate French beauty icon of the 60s, has a reserve of timeless beauty tips that still hold strong today. Whether you're struggling to capture that effortlessly chic attraction or just to incorporate classic elements into your beauty routine, Bardot's beauty tips are your golden ticket to glamor and elegance.

In this guide, we'll explore the beauty secrets that define her iconic look, making them accessible for the modern woman. Unlock the beauty tips that embody that classic

French flair, transform your allure to a level of timeless chic.

Do you want to uncover the secrets that will enhance your beauty routine to a new level of smoothness and elegance in the style of Brigitte Bardot? Consider using GlowUp's Beauty AI Tool To Find Your Pretty Type, a brilliant solution designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. 

This tool can provide personalized beauty recommendations, enabling you to channel the essence of Brigitte Bardot's iconic beauty effortlessly and easily master her signature looks. Let's explore how these timeless beauty tips can help you enhance your beauty and capture that timeless chic.

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Who Is Brigitte Bardot?

woman dancing -  Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

Brigitte Bardot is a French dancer, model, and actress who rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s with her mesmerizing beauty and charismatic on-screen presence. Her most famous films include 'And God Created Woman' and 'Contempt.' With her sultry feline eyes and lush, pillowy lips, Bardot embodies the epitome of classic, timeless beauty that continues to captivate audiences today.

The "Bardot Look" amalgamated various beauty techniques that emphasized her natural features. She often sported bold cat-eye makeup with winged eyeliner, accentuating her almond-shaped eyes. Additionally, Bardot's signature beauty regimen included using nude or pale pink lipstick to highlight her naturally plump lips, drawing further attention to her delicate facial features.

Her iconic hairstyle, popular during the 1960s, is characterized by voluminous, loosely styled waves that beautifully frame her face. To achieve this look, Bardot often styled her hair in a half-up or relaxed ponytail, showcasing her effortless and carefree elegance.

Besides her striking appearance, Brigitte Bardot is known for her dedication to animal activism. After retiring from acting, Bardot devoted her life to protecting animals and championing animal rights. Her advocacy work has further solidified her status as an icon in the realm of beauty and her commitment to making the world a better place for all living beings.

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How To Get The Brigitte Bardot Look

woman in a windy day -  Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

1. Use GlowUp AI

GlowUp AI helps me find what pretty I am and my archetype. Glowup AI will help me analyze my facial features, allowing me to learn insights into my most attractive traits and get personalized tips to enhance my beauty

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and improvement by discovering my archetype and highlighting my best traits. Find your pretty archetype in seconds for free with GlowUp AI by downloading their free app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Wing It

I can achieve Brigitte Bardot's smoldering eye look by applying liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line to create the iconic cat eye she was known for. I should start thin at the inner corner and wing out into an upward flick. To recreate her dreamy eyes, I can also tighten the line with kohl eyeliner and darken the waterline and lower lash line for added drama.

3. Fake Some Freckles

Brigitte Bardot was celebrated for her naturally flawless skin, and the bombshell occasionally sported faux freckles for a beach babe look. I can create or emphasize my natural freckles by dabbing a reddish-brown lip liner across my nose and cheeks to achieve that sun-kissed glow.

4. Brow Down

To achieve Bardot's iconic brows, I should choose a pencil shade slightly darker than my hair color. Softening the shape with short, wispy strokes and underemphasizing the arch will help create a smooth curve throughout, just like Brigitte's brows.

5. Pouty Pout

Glossy nude lipstick can be a secret weapon to create a full yet understated pout for those who weren't blessed with full lips. Alternatively, applying a small amount of gloss to the center of the lips can create dimension without a full glossy lip look.

6. Text It To Me

To channel Brigitte Bardot's tousled, bed-head hair, I should apply a texturizing spray to the roots and ends of my hair. By gently rubbing my hair between my palms, I can achieve a piecey, lived-in look that mirrors Bardot's signature style.

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9 Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips For Modern Days

woman dancing grcefully -  Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

1. Embrace Effortless Waves

To achieve Bardot's signature look, twist your air-dried hair into a messy ballerina bun. This will naturally create some waves in your hair during the beauty process.

2. Master the Base

Prepare your skin with a primer, followed by a light foundation application. Dot the product on key areas, including your jawline, under your eyes, and forehead. Use your fingers to blend the product into your skin for a more natural look.

3. Conceal Imperfections

Use concealer sparingly to cover any blemishes or imperfections. Pat the product with your fingers for a seamless finish.

4. Combat Shine

Reduce shine in your T-zone by dusting translucent mineral powder or a balm-like texture.

5. Define Your Brows

Fill in your eyebrows lightly to frame your face and enhance your natural features.

6. Perfect the Cat Eye

Create a classic cat-eye look using eyeliner, adjusting the intensity based on your event or occasion.

7. Luscious Lashes

Coat your top lashes with two layers of mascara for a voluminous look. For added flair, apply mascara to your outer bottom lashes as well.

8. Hydrated Lips

Keep your lips hydrated and apply a subtle rose-tinted balm. Use your fingers to blend the product thoroughly for a pillowy, lived-in lip look.

9. Blush Perfection

Blend a moderate amount of blush into your cheeks, picking up the color from your lips to create a cohesive, dewy finish.

How To Do Brigitte Bardot Hair In 5 Simple Steps

beautiful hair of a woman -  Brigitte Bardot Beauty Tips

1. Heat a Clipless Curling Wand

Before curling your hair, ensure that your curling wand is adequately heated. A clipless wand is best for creating soft, natural waves.

2. Section Out Your Hair and Backcomb

To achieve the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, section out the hair around your crown and backcombed at the roots to add volume. Be careful not to create too much height; the goal is to achieve a modern, everyday look.

3. Curl Your Hair Away from Your Face

Starting at the top of the curl level with your eyes, curl your hair away from your face using the wand. Be sure to keep the ends out to create a more natural, bedhead look. Leave the wand in for 4-10 seconds, depending on your hair type.

4. Apply Texturizing Spray

Once your curls have cooled, add a texturizing spray or sea salt mist to give your hair a modern, roughened-up finish. Avoid using hairspray, as you want to maintain a more natural look.

5. Rough Up Your Hair

To complete the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, rough up your hair to break up the curls and add volume. Consider a quick upside-down hair toss to enhance the volume and bedhead further look.

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