What Is Essence Skincare and Its Incredible Benefits

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Are you seeking the best skincare brands and tips to enhance your beauty routine? Exploring the complexities of skincare products can be overwhelming, especially with the growing options available. However, understanding what essence skincare is can be a game-changer for your beauty regimen. 

This guide will explore Essence Skincare's intricacies and why it is vital to the best brands. Stay tuned for valuable insights to help you achieve your beauty goals.

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What Is Essence Skincare

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Essence is a vital water-based skin care product with highly active ingredients to hydrate, protect, and enhance overall skin health. When applied to clean skin following a cleanser and toner, essence helps restore hydration to the skin cells. Its application before serums and moisturizers aids the skin in better absorbing these products.

The history of essence dates back to 1897 when Shiseido, an internationally recognized skincare brand, introduced Eudermine, a hydrating essence that was the company's first-ever product launch. 

Since then, skincare companies globally have broadened their product offerings to include this essential hydrating liquid. Many companies develop their own versions of essence to target specific concerns, such as acne, aging, or dry skin.

Ingredients Commonly Found in Essence Skincare Products


Serves as a base for the essence and hydrates the skin

Glycerin or glycol

Moisturizing agents that assist in trapping moisture into the skin

Hyaluronic acid

Further moisturizes and plumps up the skin

Botanical plant extracts

Provides antioxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits

Yeast fermentation by-products

Offer a broad range of benefits, such as UV protection

Vitamins, minerals, and lipids

Contribute to the strength and nourishment of skin cells

What Is The Difference Between Serum And Essence?

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In the skincare world, the terms essence and serum are not interchangeable. An essence is a lightweight, water-like formulation designed to penetrate the skin, providing moisture and softening it swiftly. Conversely, a serum is denser and more viscous, targeting specific skin issues. 

When used together, essence and serum can enhance each other’s benefits and efficacy. This harmonious combination has been proven to boost overall skin hydration, firmness, elasticity and lower water loss throughout the day.

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The Incredible Benefits Of Using Essence

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One of the primary roles of essence in skin care is to allow the skin to absorb additional products better, such as your favorite serum or moisturizer. Essence can improve the performance of these other products by prepping the skin to absorb them more easily. 

To provide moisture, most essence products contain a high content of active ingredients that can help rehydrate the skin cells, protect the skin barrier, boost the skin's health, rebalance the skin's pH, and soften and smooth the epidermis. 

In one smaller study from 2020, researchers investigated the impact of a 12-week regiment of essence and serum on skin health. Study participants were given a twice-daily application of L’Unique Miracular Facial Serum and L’Unique Skin Essence. At the end of the study, the researchers found improvements in skin hydration, water loss, firmness, elasticity, and lift.

Depending on the other active ingredients in the essence, there may also be additional benefits, such as anti-aging or anti-acne properties. For example, a 2015 study found that most plant-based skin care creams have a high content of antioxidants. These antioxidants were found to exhibit both anti-aging benefits and UV protection. These benefits are likely also to be found in most plant-based essence formulations.

How To Use Essence In Skincare

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1. Start with a Clean Slate

Before applying any leave-on treatments, ensure your skin is free of impurities like sweat or excess oil. Wash your face with a non-drying foaming wash. To cleanse effectively, dampen your skin with lukewarm water and dispense a pea-sized amount of the creamy formula onto your fingertips. Massage the cleanser over your face in circular motions and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water before patting your skin dry with a clean towel.

2. Use Toner to Remove Lingering Impurities

After patting your face dry, opt for an alcohol-free toner. Apply the toner with a clean cotton round by dousing the cotton round with the toning liquid and sweeping it over your face and neck. Let the soothing formula soak into your skin before continuing your routine.

3. Apply Your Chosen Facial Essence

Choose a formula suited to your skin type and unique skin concerns. An essence helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and protect against damaging free radicals. For application, dispense a few generous drops of your chosen formula into your hands. Press your palms onto your face, concentrating on areas of concern. Wait several minutes to allow your skin to absorb the essence.

4. Layer on a Hydrating Serum

Apply a facial serum to your face and neck after the essence. Seek a formula tailored to your skin concerns, or opt for an all-purpose hydrating serum. Dispense one to two pumps into your hands and apply an even layer to your face and neck. You can use a skincare tool like a jade roller to massage the serum into your skin.

5. Moisturize to Lock in Hydration

Complete your routine by locking in all the skin-smoothing hydration with a non-greasy moisturizer. Apply a dime-sized amount to your face, neck, and upper chest, and gently massage the cream for skin that looks and feels its best.

5 Best Facial Essence To Add In Your Skincare Routine

woman applying What Is Essence Skincare

1. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

This essence is designed to help rejuvenate dull and dry skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin and provides long-lasting hydration. The snail mucin moisturizes and improves the look of fine lines, making it lightweight and great for all skin types. However, some users noted that it has a sticky feel.

2. Tatcha The Essence

This treatment essence is made of Hadasei-3, a proprietary fermented rice, algae, and green tea complex. Its formula resurfaces and hydrates for primed, plump, petal-soft skin. After cleansing, the essence prepares skin for serums and moisturizers, making it ideal for day and nighttime use.

3. Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner with Rosewater

This toner/essence combines witch hazel and rose water to deliver hydrating and soothing effects. The witch hazel acts as an astringent, while the rose water provides hydration. This alcohol-free astringent is excellent for sensitive skin and combines the benefits of toner and essence in one product.

4. Sunday Riley Pink Drink Skin Firming Resurfacing Essence Face Mist

This mist contains peptides that stimulate collagenesis, improving skin elasticity and plumpness. It hydrates the skin, leaving it supple and firmer. Users noted a significant change in skin tone, firmness, and sunspots after using this essence for two weeks.

5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Essence

This essence contains glycolic acid, grape water, and white peony to tackle skin texture and hydration. The glycolic acid gently exfoliates dull skin, brightening and evening out skin tone. Exfoliating the skin enhances the penetration of later skincare products, making this essence ideal for improving overall skin health.

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