An Ultimate Guide On The Dark Autumn Color Analysis

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Dark Autumn color analysis is a fascinating and valuable topic that can help you discover the most flattering color palette for your skin tone. By understanding these specific color analysis types, you can find the shades that will make you glow and look your best. 

Dive into this unique color analysis to unleash the powerful potential of these rich, warm, and vibrant hues. Explore how these colors can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Discover the wonder of Dark Autumn color analysis today!

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What Is The Dark Autumn Color Analysis

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Color analysis is the art of determining an individual's most flattering colors based on their skin tone, hair, and eye color. This method helps a person decide what shades they should wear to look their best. The Dark Autumn color analysis is one of the three autumn seasons and is located between True Autumn and Dark Winter. 

This season is warm, unlike the Dark Winter, which is cold. Both seasons are a mixture of Winter and Autumn, although the Dark Winter leans more towards the Winter palette, and Dark Autumn leans towards the Autumn palette. People with Dark Autumn coloring have the following characteristics: dark hair, warm skin tones, and dark eye colors. 

These colors can make them look their best. In this season, the best colors are warm-toned shades, such as warm browns, deep golds, dark olive, and warm blues. Women belonging to this category may also look pretty in rich, warm reds and deep oranges. Dark Autumns look the best in medium to dark shades with warmth. 

What Are the Characteristics of Dark Autumn Coloring?

The most common hair colors found in the Dark Autumn group are dark brown, black, or dark reddish-brown. Skin tones in this category are warm and often have golden, peachy, or olive undertones. The eyes are also dark, with shades of deep brown, black, hazel, or olive green being common. Those with Dark Autumn coloring can tan easily. There is a high contrast between their hair, eyes, and skin, making them resemble a Winter even though they are warm. Each color in the Dark Autumn palette is rich, deep, and warm. 

These colors are muted, and most have a slight golden undertone, making them well suited for those with warm skin tones. Dark Autumn colors offer an ideal contrast for those with dark hair and eyes, giving them a sharp, vibrant appearance. The colors in the Dark Autumn palette are not super bright or overly saturated like those in the Spring palette. Instead, they are rich, warm, and have a darker quality to them. 

What Colors Look Best on Dark Autumns?

Deep, rich colors look best on Dark Autumns. Their coloring is intense, deep and vibrant. Dark autumns can wear the deepest blacks and browns. Dark autumn colors are all low in value and quite muted. 

The key to wearing dark autumn colors is to allow your own natural colors to shine through. The dark autumn palette flatters dark hair and eyes and olive or golden skin tones. The dark autumn colors are deep and rich. They are best when worn in a combination of 3 or more. The dark autumn palette is rich and deep.

How Do I Know If I Am A Dark Autumn

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Let’s delve on the characteristics of a dark autumn in this section:

Natural Appearance

My skin has a neutral and slightly warm tone with either greneish or golden undertones, making my appearance look balanced and natural.


My eyes are dark and have a warm look to them. They are not cool or bright, but instead, they have a rich and warm appearance.

High Contrast

There is a noticeable contrast between my hair, skin, and eye color. This contrast enhances my natural features and gives them a striking appearance.


My lips have a natural pink tint, which complements my overall dark autumn color palette.


My hair is warm and rich in color, reflecting the warm undertones of my skin. This richness adds depth and dimension to my appearance.

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Dark Autumn Color Palette

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The color palette of Dark Autumns combines depth with warmth. Dark Autumn hues are the most pigmented and darkest within the Autumn family, sitting at the darkest and least warm end of the Autumn spectrum. However, they still retain some warmth without veering into the cool Winter palette.

Dark Autumn colors are inherently deep, with some lighter shades necessary to create the high contrast typical of the Dark Autumn appearance. Most colors in this palette are yellow-based, adding natural warmth. The range of colors is broad, with a focus on golden hues like mustard yellow, oranges, and reds. These colors may look bright, but it's their warmth that gives them their rich appearance—not actual brightness.

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Dark Autumn Makeup Guide

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For the eyes, I recommend choosing medium and dark brown neutrals, which work exceptionally well with Deep Autumn's warm, dark skin. You can also consider olive green, forest green, deep teal, and dark purple for a pop of color when you're in the mood for something different. When it comes to blush, opt for rich shades of coral and peach as they not only complement but also enhance your natural coloring. 

Don't shy away from bolder lip colors like caramel, dark warm shades of wine, raisin, and espresso, as these shades are perfect for Deep Autumn. Keep away from cool tones such as pink or berry red lipsticks, cool blue and green eyeshadows, and soft pink blushes, as these can clash with your 'Deep Autumn' characteristics.

Wardrobe for Dark Autumns

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In terms of your office wardrobe, it’s best to stick with neutral colors like carafe, mahogany, burgundy, and dark green. But don't forget to add some personality to your outfits with a patterned blouse or colorful accessories. This way, you can maintain a sophisticated and professional look while still showcasing your autumn colors. 

Creating Your Casual Wardrobe

For your casual wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. You can’t go wrong with black, brown, or burgundy, but don't hesitate to mix in some khaki or dark blue too. Feel free to experiment with animal prints to add a playful touch to your outfits without compromising on style.

Dressing Up for a Party

When it comes to parties, dark autumns shine in rich, deep colors. Think burgundy evening dresses crafted from luxurious materials for a show-stopping look. Of course, you can also opt for other dark colors or patterns that complement your autumn palette. Just remember to choose colors and prints that make you feel fabulous and confident.

Dark Autumn Color Analysis: Colors To Avoid

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Since Dark Autumn’s main color aspects are depth and warmth, your worst colors are light and cool. White, pastel and other toned-down colors, such as dusty blues and pinks, will make your naturally rich coloring look off and washed out. Very cool, frosty colors, like intense pinks and blueish greys, will also clash with your naturally warm appearance.

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Prints and Patterns For Dark Autumns

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When selecting prints and patterns for Dark Autumns, I recommend paying attention to key elements to enhance your wardrobe. First, consider the color composition. Opt for prints that contain less than 10% of colors outside your Dark Autumn palette. This ensures that the print enhances your natural coloring rather than clashes with it.

Next, focus on the scale of the prints. Medium to large-scale patterns are ideal for Dark Autumns. Smaller prints can become too busy and overshadow the richness of your natural hues. By choosing prints of the appropriate scale, you can create a harmonious and balanced look that complements your Deep Autumn undertones.

Moreover, take into account the contrast level of the prints. Stick with patterns that have a low level of contrast. High contrast prints can overpower your features and disrupt the overall harmony of your appearance. By opting for prints with a lower contrast level, you can maintain a cohesive and flattering look that accentuates your Dark Autumn coloring.

Lastly, consider the value of the prints. Choose patterns with a darker value to align with the overall depth of the Deep Autumn color spectrum. By selecting prints with a suitable value, you can enhance the visual impact of your outfits and ensure that they harmonize with your Dark Autumn palette.

Accessories For Dark Autumns

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Since Dark Autumn has neutral-warm coloring, a large range of metals will look flattering on you. From bronze, brass, gold to copper, and pewter, all will work for you. Silver may also work on you, but make sure to select a warmer shade rather than a very cool, blue one.

Metals are generally better with less shine and more depth – like antiqued, oxidized, and hammered metals. Warm, reddish stones are perfect for Dark Autumn, such as carnelian, garnet, and jasper. Another great stone is emerald. Framed in yellow or pink gold, this green stone turns into a flattering ornament.

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