An Ultimate Guide On Deep Autumn Color Analysis

woman in black attire - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Deep autumn color analysis is a valuable technique that can help individuals discover their ideal color palette based on their natural features. Understanding which colors complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. With various Color Analysis Types available, knowing which one suits you best can be a game-changer. In this blog, we will dive into the specifics of deep autumn color analysis to help you uncover your most flattering shades and enhance your style effortlessly.

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What Is The Deep Autumn Color Analysis

woman having coffee outdoor - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Deep Autumn also called dark autumn is one of the three Autumn seasons and sits between True Autumn and Dark Winter on the seasonal flow chart. Unlike Dark Winter, this season is warm. Both sister seasons are a blend of Winter and Autumn, with Dark Winter leaning more towards the Winter palette and Dark Autumn leaning more towards the Autumn palette.

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How To Know If I Am A Deep Autumn

woman in a forest - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

I have a deep autumn color analysis that will help determine if you belong in this category of seasonal color analysis

  • Deep autumns have a neutral and slightly warm natural appearance with neutral greenish or golden undertones. 

  • If your eyes are dark and have a warm look to them, you might be a deep autumn. 

  • Common colors for Dark Autumn eyes include dark hazel, dark green, warm dark brown, and warm black. You may have swirling and erratic borders around the pupil and freckles on the iris, which are characteristic of autumn eyes.

  • There is a high contrast between your hair, skin, and eye color. Your lips have a natural pink appearance, and your hair is warm and rich rather than light and cool. 

  • Dark autumn hair is typically medium to dark golden brown, dark auburn, dark brown, or black-brown with warm undertones. Dark autumn hair has a rich, warm, and deep glow to it and may develop golden or red highlights when in the sun.

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Deep Autumn Color Palette

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Dark Autumn colouring combines depth with warmth. Consequently, Dark Autumn colours are the most pigmented and darkest of the Autumn family. Dark Autumn sits at the darkest and least warm end of the Autumn spectrum but still retains some warmth without drifting into the cool Winter palette. True to Dark Autumn’s primary colour aspect, the colours are deep. But there also lighter colours on the palette, which are necessary to create the high contrast naturally present in a Dark Autumn’s appearance. Most colours are yellow-based, making them naturally warm. 

The range of colours is also quite broad, but the focus lies on golden hues such as mustard yellow, oranges and reds. And although the colours may appear bright, they are not. It’s their warmth that makes them rich. But this is not actual brightness. Deep Autumn’s colours are very often shades (colours with black added, which makes them deeper and more intense). Neutrals are warm navy and soft white rather than chocolate and beige, and bold shades of red, green and teal abound.

Deep Autumn Makeup Guide

makeup powder of a woman - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

For the eyes, as a deep autumn, I recommend choosing medium and dark brown neutrals. When you're feeling bold, olive green, forest green, deep teal, and dark purple are ideal choices. These colors work well with your warm, dark skin tone.

Blushes for Deep Autumn Color Analysis

To complement your warm, dark complexion, consider blushes in rich shades of coral and peach. These colors not only complement but also enhance your natural features. They add warmth to your skin and bring out your deep autumn characteristics.

Lipstick and Lip Color Choices for Deep Autumns 

Rather than opting for a nude lip, which may not do justice to your deep autumn characteristics, consider a caramel shade as your go-to neutral lip color. If you're in the mood for a bolder look, the deepest warm shades like wine, raisin, and espresso will serve you well.

What to Avoid for Makeup as a Deep Autumn

Avoid makeup colors that lean towards cool tones. Pink or berry red lipsticks, cool blue and green eyeshadows, and soft pink blushes are not your best options as a deep autumn. Stay true to warm tones that enhance your natural beauty and bring out the richness of your skin tone.

Wardrobe Guide For Deep Autumns

wardrobe choices for woman - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

For Deep Autumns, the best way to put together outfits is to choose low-contrast options that mostly feature darker colors from the palette. 

  • Light neutrals can also be included, but it’s better to stick to predominantly darker shades. 

  • When it comes to patterns, opt for designs that incorporate mostly dark colors with a hint of light, such as traditional leopard prints. 

  • Dark wash denim is favored over medium and light wash, while leather items should be in the brown family, like mocha or cognac. 

  • Dark Autumns do not have black in their palette, but there are similar options like charcoal and black coffee. 

  • If you’re a fan of wearing black, don’t worry! It’s not that black looks bad, but rather that Dark Autumn alternatives look best. To add some dimension to your wardrobe, experiment with dark-colored alternatives from your Dark Autumn palette.

Experiment with Dark-Colored Alternatives from Your Palette

As a Deep Autumn, there are various alternatives in your Dark Autumn palette that you can try to add a unique touch to your wardrobe. These alternatives are ideal for creating different looks while maintaining a cohesive style that complements your color palette. 

By mixing and matching these dark-colored options, you can create versatile outfits that reflect your personal style and enhance your appearance. Whether you want to add some flair to your everyday ensembles or create a statement look for a special occasion, these alternatives provide endless opportunities for you to express your individuality and showcase your Deep Autumn colors effectively.

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Colors To Avoid For Deep Autumns

woman wearing a white top - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Since Dark Autumn’s main colour aspects are depth and warmth, your worst colours are light and cool. White, pastel and other toned-down colours, such as dusty blues and pinks, will make your naturally rich colouring look off and washed out. Very cool, frosty colours, like intense pinks and blueish greys, will also clash with your naturally warm appearance.

Deep Autumn Color Analysis: Prints and Patterns

The best patterns are those that only contain Dark Autumn colors. If a pattern contains some, but not much color from a disharmonious palette. Since your natural coloring is highly contrasted, opt for patterns that reflect this natural level of contrast rather than ones which are too timid. Great patterns for Dark Autumn are bold, highly stylized forms of natural autumn elements – such as oval shapes, leaves, and wood structures. 

Geometric shapes are less common in Autumn patterns – with the exception of retro patterns. Natural floral patterns are not YOUR best choice. If you want to wear floral patterns, the flowers should be highly stylized – as in paisley and oriental patterns. Elements should be big and loosely arranged. Avoid stiff geometric patterns and small, dense patterns.

Accessories For Deep Autumns

woman with curly hair - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

As your undertone is neutral leaning slightly warm, you are in harmony with both gold and silver, The property of the metal is very important. To best accentuate your dark features, choose metals that have an antique look to them rather than anything that is highly polished or light in color. Gold, brass, bronze, copper, and oxidized silver are the best metals to harmonize with your Deep Autumn undertones.

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