Ultimate Guide On Soft Autumn Color Analysis (2024)

woman enjoying the autumn weather - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

Are you struggling to find the perfect colors that complement your skin tone? Understanding the right soft autumn color analysis can make all the difference. Discover how to create a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Explore the world of color analysis and go beyond the basics. Discover the different color analysis types in the process. You may be surprised at how much you can learn!

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What Is The Soft Autumn Color Analysis

color patterns - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

Soft autumn color analysis is the process of identifying the best colors that complement your unique skin tone, eye color, and hair color, making you look your best and maintaining harmony between your features and your clothing choices. Soft Autumn is one of the three Autumn seasons and sits between Soft Summer and True Autumn on the seasonal flow chart.
Unlike Soft Summer, this season is warm. Both sister seasons are a blend of Summer and Autumn. And while Soft Summer leans more towards the Summer palette, Soft Autumn leans more towards the Autumn palette.

How Do I Know If I Am A Soft Autumn

woman laying in forest - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

Discovering if you are a Soft Autumn is determined by a combination of characteristics related to color, eyes, skin, hair, and undertones. If your primary color aspect is muted, and you have warm undertones, you likely fall into the Soft Autumn category. Green, light hazel, or light brown eyes, and warm blue eyes with gray hues are common in this seasonal palette. Skin with neutral or neutral-warm tones and a hint of yellow undertones, leading to a soft, muted appearance, is another indicator.

Hair with ashy tones ranging from strawberry blonde to medium golden brown, capable of developing golden highlights under sunlight, is a characteristic common to Soft Autumns. Having warmer undertones, where gold complements the skin better than silver, is a defining trait.

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Soft Autumn Color Palette

woman with blue eyes in forest - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

The color palette is a mesmerizing blend that epitomizes the calm and serene hues of the late afternoon. Think of the lazy, dappled sunshine just before the golden glow envelops the surroundings. Soft Autumn hues embody hues that echo a vintage and old-fashioned aesthetic, courtesy of their low saturation levels. There's no room for sharpness or pops of brightness in this palette - therefore, black and white are out of the question. 

Speaking of the heart of this palette, brown takes center stage, surrounded by delicate and warm colors that infuse life into the Soft Autumn realm. The palette eschews the vibrancy of True Autumn oranges and the darkness of Dark Autumn shades, opting instead for gentle colors like olive greens, delicate pinks, and subtle reds. These carefully curated hues are what make Soft Autumn the harmonious and gentle season it is.

Makeup For Soft Autumn Women

makeup with different colors - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

When it comes to makeup, soft autumn individuals should opt for warm and soft colors to complement their natural features. For the eyes, sticking to light neutrals like cream, blush, copper, rich brown, olive, and accent colors such as soft plum or warm teal is ideal. These shades will help enhance the soft autumn's eye color and skin tone, creating a harmonious look.

Cheeks in Soft Autumn Color Analysis

For the cheeks, choosing neutral warm tones such as sand, coral, and peach can provide a radiant glow for soft autumn individuals. These shades blend well with the natural undertones of soft autumn skin, helping to create a fresh and healthy appearance.

Lip Recommendations for Soft Autumn

When it comes to lip colors, soft autumn individuals can opt for nude shades, copper, and caramel for a subtle look. For those looking to make a statement, bold lip colors like chestnut, mocha, or coral red can be great choices. These colors help to add a pop of color to the lips without overwhelming the soft autumn's natural warmth.

Color Choices to Avoid for Soft Autumn

On the other hand, soft autumn individuals should steer clear of cool tones such as pink or berry red lipstick and cool blue or green eyeshadows. Soft pink cheek colors and dark lip shades should also be avoided as they can clash with the warm undertones of soft autumn's complexion. By sticking to warm and soft tones, soft autumn individuals can enhance their natural beauty and create a cohesive and flattering look.

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Soft Autumn Wardrobe Guide

wardrobe selection - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

When it comes to building a wardrobe for Soft Autumns, it's all about embracing warm, muted, and earthy tones that complement your natural coloring. Think of colors like milk chocolate, warm ivory, muted spruce green, stone, aubergine, warm pastel pink, and (muted) rust to create stylish and cohesive outfits that enhance your unique beauty.

Outfit Combinations and Ideas for Soft Autumns

Pair a light milk chocolate top with a warm ivory skirt and nude heels for a warm and inviting look that highlights your soft autumn coloring. This combination is perfect for both casual outings or dressier occasions.

Casual and Stylish

For a casual yet stylish outfit, try a muted spruce green blouse with a pair of light jeans and nude pumps. This ensemble is effortlessly chic and brings out the warmth in your complexion.

Feminine and Glamorous

For a feminine and glamorous look, opt for a warm stone-colored dress paired with aubergine heels and a light warm ivory clutch. This combination exudes sophistication and elegance, perfect for special events or date nights.

Romantic and Soft

To achieve a romantic and soft look, style a warm pastel pink blouse with a pair of dark denim jeans and nude flats. This outfit is delicate and charming, ideal for daytime activities or brunch with friends.

Cozy and Chic 

For a cozy and chic outfit, rock a (muted) rust-colored sweater with camel-colored pants and brown boots. This ensemble is perfect for colder days and exudes a sense of comfort and style.

Soft Autumns can create a versatile and stylish wardrobe by incorporating warm, muted, and earthy tones that enhance their natural coloring. Experiment with different outfit combinations and don't be afraid to mix and match colors to create unique looks that reflect your personal style.

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What Colors Should Soft Autumns Avoid?

woman hiding her face - Soft Autumn Color Analysis

As a Soft Autumn, it's important to be mindful of the colors you choose to wear. Since Soft Autumns' main color aspects are low chroma and warmth, there are certain colors you should avoid. 

Bright and cool colors are your worst enemies. Vibrant colors, such as intense oranges, will overpower you and may even make you look clownish. Dark colors, such as deep purples and blues, will make you disappear. And very cool colors, like black, white, and blueish grays, will clash with your warm appearance. Be sure to steer clear of these hues to ensure you always look your best as a Soft Autumn.

Soft Autumn Color Analysis: Prints And Patterns

color patterns for Soft Autumn Color Analysis

Choosing Patterns and Prints for Soft Autumns

Color Consistency

I advise making sure that less than 10% of the colors in your print fall outside your Soft Autumn color palette. This helps maintain a cohesive and harmonious appearance overall.


I recommend opting for prints with a small to medium scale. Large, overpowering prints can be overwhelming and may not complement Soft Autumns' serene and soft vibe.

Contrast Level

I suggest sticking with low-contrast prints. Soft Autumn thrives on muted, blended looks and low-contrast prints provide that subtle underline to enhance your style.

Great Patterns for Soft Autumns

Natural and Gentle Designs

Look for patterns that are natural and gentle, such as oval shapes, leaves, and wood structures. These types of patterns can harmonize well with Soft Autumn's color palette and aesthetic.

Floral Patterns

Since Soft Autumn borders on Summer, floral patterns are also a good choice, especially small flowers. They add a touch of softness and elegance to your look.

Patterns to Avoid

It's best to avoid geometric patterns, ordered arrangements, and big elements in prints. These patterns can be too bold and may not align with Soft Autumn's overall aesthetic.

Suitable Accessories For Soft Autumns

accessories for Soft Autumn Color Analysis

The best metals for Soft Autumn are gentle – brushed, matte, satin and hammered metals are ideal. Antiqued metals can work too as long as they are not overly blackened and dark. Wood and other natural materials also make great accessories for Autumns. Yellow stones resembling amber will enhance the naturally warm notes of your coloring as well. One such stone is citrine. Greenish, grassy stones are also an option.

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