Ultimate Guide to Spring vs Summer Color Analysis

woman enjoying the spring weather - Spring Vs Summer Color Analysis

Are you struggling to find the right colors for your wardrobe? Understanding the difference between Spring and Summer color analysis types can help you choose the best colors that enhance your natural beauty. The key to looking your best is picking the right color palette that complements your skin tone. Whether you have warm, golden undertones or cool, rosy undertones, knowing which season - Spring or Summer - you fall under is crucial for making the right clothing and makeup choices. In this blog, we will break down the key differences between Spring and Summer color analysis and help you identify which category you fit into.

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What Is Spring Color Analysis?

woman in a garden - Spring Vs Summer Color Analysis

The spring season color analysis is a method used in fashion and personal styling to determine which colors best complement individuals with warm undertones in their skin, hair, and eyes. Spring is typically associated with vibrant, fresh colors reminiscent of the blooming flowers and new growth of the season. Some key characteristics of the spring color palette include warm, bright tones, such as sunny yellows, coral pinks, fresh greens, and warm neutrals.

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What Is Summer Color Analysis?

woman looking at sunflower - Spring Vs Summer Color Analysis

Summer season color analysis is a method used in fashion and personal styling to determine which colors best complement individuals with cool undertones in their skin, hair, and eyes. Summers are typically associated with softer, cooler tones, reminiscent of the colors found in nature during that season. Some key characteristics of the summer color palette include soft pastels, cool blues, lavenders, dusty roses, and muted greens. 

Some famous examples of summers, according to color experts and websites are:

  • Olivia Wilde

  • Kate Middleton

  • Leona Lewis

  • Rami Malek

  • Emily Blunt

  • Vanessa Williams

  • Jesse Williams

How Do You Tell If You Are A Summer Or A Spring

woman smelling fresh flowers - Spring Vs Summer Color Analysis

When it comes to determining whether you are a summer or spring, there are key characteristics to look out for. Summers tend to have a cool undertone with a pinkish or yellowish overtone. Their eyes, complexion, and hair have soft and muted tones with low contrast between them. 

Summers typically have delicate and fair complexions, pale blue or green eyes, and blonde or ash brown hair. On the other hand, springs are warm-toned individuals who look better in gold jewelry. They have light to medium eye color shades like clear blue, bright green, hazel, or light grey. Springs have a golden aura and most have white skin with a golden undertone.

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Spring vs Summer Color Analysis Methods

woman enjoying spring - Spring Vs Summer Color Analysis

The Drape Test

If you're unsure of your season, one thing you can do is drape yourself in the most prominent colors of the palette you are testing. By doing this, you can get a sense of which palette suits you best. You can try using lipstick in shades that align with the colors of the palettes you are considering.

The Lipstick Test

If you still find yourself torn between being a Light Spring or a Light Summer, you can try the lipstick test. This involves trying on lipstick shades that are aligned with the Light Spring or Light Summer palettes to see which suits you better. This test can help you determine which seasonal palette complements your features most effectively.

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