An Ultimate Guide To Soft Winter Color Analysis

woman in jacket enjoying winter - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Explore the enchanting world of soft winter color analysis and unlock the secrets to finding the perfect color palette that complements your natural skin tone with this comprehensive guide to color analysis types. Dive into the nuances of soft winter tones, learn how to identify them, and discover how to integrate these colors into your wardrobe with ease. 

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What Is Soft Winter Color Analysis?

woman looking at snow - Soft Winter Color Analysis

The soft winter color type is a vision of wintry elegance, a delicate balance between cool and warm tones that create a subtle yet stunning look. Imagine the icy blues of a frozen lake, blended with the muted mauves of a winter sunset, all wrapped up in the softest greys and dusty pinks. This color type is like a whisper of snow falling, light and airy yet still striking in its beauty.

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Toasted vs Smokey Soft Winter

woman feeling cold - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Let's dive into the distinction between the two subcategories of Soft Winter: Toasted Soft Winter and Smokey Soft Winter. While both belong to the Soft Winter category, they each have unique characteristics that set them apart. 

Toasted Soft Winter

When it comes to Toasted Soft Winter, you can expect cool temperatures to dominate. The value is deep, and the chroma leans towards clear while also requiring some softness. Toasted Soft Winter's sister season is Smokey Soft Autumn.

Smokey Soft Winter

Smokey Soft Winter also leans towards cool temperatures with a deep value. The chroma is mostly clear but with a slight need for softness. Smokey Soft Winter's sister season is Smokey Soft Summer.

These distinctions may seem subtle, but they are essential in guiding color analysis and ensuring that individuals are categorized correctly within the Soft Winter spectrum.

Soft Winter Color Palette

woman enjoying snowfall - Soft Winter Color Analysis

The Soft Winter color palette is a unique mix of traditional winter colors like black, true red, and emerald, but with a lower contrast than most Winter seasons. In addition to these classic winter shades, Soft Winters also feature deep, rich colors such as black cherry and toned raspberry. 

These colors have little to no warmth in their undertones, creating a cool, sophisticated look. The palette also includes some lighter soft colors, not typically associated with Winter, which when paired with the deeper hues, create a toned-down effect. It's important not to wear colors that are too pale, as they may not be strong enough for a Soft Winter's coloring.

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Soft Winter Color Analysis: Wardrobe Guide

wardrobe for a woman - Soft Winter Color Analysis

When building a wardrobe for the soft/toned winter color type, it's crucial to choose muted colors for clothing items that will be worn near the face. Bright or dark colors can be used for bottoms, but maintaining a consistent tone throughout the wardrobe makes it easier to mix and match pieces. So, it is up to you how you'd like to approach color coordination.

It's generally not recommended for those with a soft winter color type to use high contrast between colors. Instead, opting for medium levels of contrast is the best option. This approach helps to create a more harmonious look that complements the soft winter's delicate features. So, if you're in a soft winter, consider choosing colors with similar tones and intensity to create a cohesive outfit that looks effortless and elegant.

Makeup Guide For Soft Winters

makeup - Soft Winter Color Analysis

When it comes to makeup, the soft/toned winter color type should aim for a natural and understated look that enhances their delicate features. Soft, muted tones work best, like cool pinks, soft berries, and dusty mauves.

Foundation and Blush

For the complexion, a foundation with cool undertones that match your skin tone is essential. You can then add a touch of color with a subtle pink or berry blush. Stick to matte finishes for a more sophisticated look.


For the eyes, soft winters should choose eyeshadows in cool-toned pastels, such as soft pinks, purples, or icy blue-grey. For a more dramatic look, you can add a touch of charcoal or deep grey along the lash line. Finish with a few coats of mascara to make your eyes pop.


When it comes to lips, soft winters should stick to cool, muted shades like dusty rose, mauve, and cool, dusted pink. Avoid warm or bright reds, as they can clash with the soft winter color type's delicate features.

The key to makeup for the soft/toned winter color type is to keep things soft, subtle, and natural. With the right color choices, you can enhance your natural beauty and create a stunning look that's perfect for any occasion.

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